My Severe Weather Outlook

Severe Weather Risks for Grand Rapids (latitude 42.962, longitude -85.6562)

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most recent update: Monday @ 19:58 Z

Day 1-3 outlooks

Monday, December 5th low/no risk
Tuesday, December 6th low/no risk
Wednesday, December 7th low/no risk

Day 4-8 outlooks

If unknown/low, check back later for updates.

Thursday, December 8th unknown/low risk
Friday, December 9th unknown/low risk
Saturday, December 10th unknown/low risk
Sunday, December 11th unknown/low risk
Monday, December 12th unknown/low risk

More information about tornado/wind/hail risks on severe weather

Grand Rapids, MI Severe Weather Outlook

Grand Rapids, MI is located in Kent county Michigan, roughly centered around latitude 42.962 and longitude -85.6562 (open location in openstreetmap).

Below is the state-wide Michigan severe weather outlook. If you're interested in other states or to see the outlook for the entire US, visit the main page.

Grand Rapids, MI Severe Weather Outlook Next 3 Days

Grand Rapids, Michigan's NWS office: Grand Rapids, MI (GRR)

Grand Rapids, Michigan's National Weather Service forecast office is Grand Rapids, MI . Its short name is GRR . You may see this code referenced in URLs and forecasts. For instance, the direct URL for your local NWS office is

Grand Rapids, MI (GRR) County Warning Area

Different NWS offices are responsible for the forecasts and warnings for different counties/parishes/boroughs. This geographic region is called the County Warning Area (CWA). The CWA borders can sometimes seem quite arbitrary.

Here is today's severe weather outlook highlighting the counties that the Grand Rapids, MI NWS office is responsible for: Severe Weather Outlook for Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas

Current hazard map for Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area

Click the image to go to the Grand Rapids, MI NWS site to find out more about the current hazards. Current weather hazards map for Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding area

For reference, see the US hazards map below. However, if there are any hazardous weather outlooks in effect (this is their color) , they will appear on the local map above, but not on the national map below. US CONUS current hazards map

Tweets from the Grand Rapids, MI NWS office

Location details for Grand Rapids, Michigan